Sell Used Retail Equipment With Help From the Experts


Recycling used retail fixtures, furniture and equipment is more cost effective, saves energy, creates jobs and supplies raw materials that would normally be wasted in landfills. That is why Hilco Fixture Finders makes it our business to find value in your unused assets.

Our experienced team can assist you with liquidating, renovating or completely cleaning your retail space. We will not only provide good, quality service while on-site, but we will also assist you by providing photos and documentation that the scope of work has been fulfilled to the specifications of your lease agreement.

If you need additional help with designing a liquidation plan, Hilco Fixture Finders will work with you to sell used retail equipment and create a custom plan that will best meet your financial and service goals.

To learn more about how Hilco Fixture Finders can help you sell used retail fixtures, fill out the online form and one of our experienced team members will contact you!

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